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11 of the best spatial audio tracks in Dolby Atmos on Apple Music,Atmos Movies

Best of Dolby Atmos. I Like You (A Happier Song) [feat. Doja Cat] Post Malone feat. Doja Cat. Honest [feat. Don Toliver] Justin Bieber feat. Don Toliver "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye Feel the full impact of this timeless classic in a whole new way. "Makeba" by JAIN See how the Dolby Atmos mix of JAIN's upbeat hit works within the Arcade Fire. Now in Dolby Atmos. Experience the harmonies of Arcade Fire like never before. With Dolby Atmos, the Grammy Award-winning band's unmistakeable sound reaches new Riders on the storm - Love the thunderstorm from top channels. They could've made the rain from top channel as well, I don't know why it was put on lower channel. Still good mix. Sunflower - 25/04/ · A few suggestions, mainly based on good use of the overheads (which is what draws me to Atmos) is: Pacific Rim Uprising (some great overhead and bass) - Sicaro 2 ... read more

The music in the opening plays loud and proud from the overhead speakers, with vocals that swirl around the room, and features a sub-heavy bass line that drives the tempo. As you might imagine, thanks to the zero-G aspect of this scene, there are things happening in pretty much all directions, to the point where in a good system it can even seem a bit disorienting. Good, family-friendly action. Kong: Skull Island. The overhead flyover is a favorite of Atmos theater owners, and this definitely delivers, with plenty of other similar sonic moments, such as helicopters swirling around, announcements from PA systems, or the blare of master caution alarms.

This dynamic Dolby Atmos mix almost constantly has something going on, including big dynamic effects and tons of ambient jungle sounds like bugs and wind rustling leaves in trees. Once the race starts, the music stops and the scene is all about sound effects. The rumble as the bridge constructs itself is deep with bass, and the fireworks to begin the race explode overhead. The race is filled with cars cartwheeling overhead and around the sides of the room, racers swirling back and forth, around all sides, and overhead, with tires squealing for mercy. Explosions have tight, deep, concussive bass, letting you feel each virtual metal-on-metal crunch—and you can practically track the progress of every bouncing coin or piece of debris. This stunningly intimate yet confoundingly expansive recording is a wonderful example of how Atmos can transform a listening space into something radically different.

Dune Woe be to those who attempt to enjoy the film through a soundbar or basic home theater speaker setup. When the film turns to pure audiovisual experience, as it often does, the audio mixing works in conjunction with the spectacular Dolby Vision imagery to tiptoe right up to the edge of sensory overload without feeling even slightly abusive. The film opens with a big swell of music and what sounds like rocket engines firing before cutting to total silence as we orbit the earth. Gravity does an amazing job of taking advantage of the four discreet overhead speakers, which are frequently used independently to bounce, swirl, and shift the audio environment around the space of ceiling. The most intense demos happen near the end of Ch.

As Stone enters the ISS, all sound focuses on her lack of oxygen and her breathing sounds, with the sub channel beating out a steady thump-thump heartbeat pulse. As she is moving around weightlessly inside the space station, there are little clanging and debris sounds inside the cluttered cabin, and when the fire breaks out, alarms blare through the overhead speakers punctuated with tense music until she hits her head and all audio ceases. Midway offers a fun ride that sounds fantastic in a home theater. You might even call it a 2-hour minute Dolby Atmos spectacle masquerading as a war movie. The mix plays a dynamic role in nearly every scene, and if anyone has every wondered if their height speakers are working or if Atmos can add to the immersion of a movie, just show them any of the aerial attack scenes where the audio lends a wonderful third dimension to plane flyovers. There is also the carnage of the USS Arizona breaking up after explosions and then ripping itself apart with groans, creaks, and the rumble of crumpling steel.

Scott Pilgrim vs. To some, more LFE equals better, and I can respect that. But for me LFE is like chilli sauce — use when necessary. And although most of my top ten here are indeed 4K discs, one is not. Obviously, I would love to hear about any you feel I've missed, or let me know if you're shaking your head at this list and thinking 'Nah, mate' — that's what forums are for! Post your own list! So, without further ado. In reverse order from worst to best although they are all AMAZING In my opinion, if you've just bought yourself a new Atmos setup, these are going to impress the most. Black Hawk Down 9. Sicario 8. Blade Runner 7. Kong: Skull Island 6. First Man 5. The Haunting Of HIll House Netflix 4. Mad Max: Fury Road 3. Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume II 2. Doctor Sleep 1. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. Last edited: Apr 22, Nayfne Distinguished Member Supporter.

Pacific Rim 4k, all day long. Donnacha Distinguished Member. A few suggestions, mainly based on good use of the overheads which is what draws me to Atmos is: - Pacific Rim Uprising some great overhead and bass - Sicaro 2 loved the helicopters flying overhead - Ready Player One King Kong smashing his away behind and above me - Avengers Endgame when Cap America calls the lightning from above. featherhall Distinguished Member. The fourth Rambo the one in Burma is demo stuff. movieman Well-known Member. Game of Thrones has an exceptional Atmos track, way better than the majority of Hollywood movies and that includes some already mentioned on here. Decent bass levels unlike the filtered bass in First Man for example. Fantastic use of the overhead speakers, season 8 episode 1 when the dragons fly overhead is a demo worthy Atmos moment.

Then there's all the little sounds, scenes within the castle walls truly surround you with sound, training with swords, horses, people talking etc. all from different directions and heights. Imo 10 Cloverfield Lane is Atmos perfection. Honourable mentions go to John Wick, Dredd and 13 Hours. Click to expand Last edited: Apr 23, Jim Di Griz Distinguished Member. featherhall said:. Dredd is superb and also offers a DTS X track. Dean Well-known Member. Doctor sleep better than Blade Runner ?! Still hard to beat in my opinion. Dean said:. When you keep company with Kanye West and Drake, you have to know how to make yourself heard, and Big Sean is very much in his element here. It's nigh on impossible to believe that when Eilish first recorded this track from her bedroom, she was just The vocal in this, her debut song written and produced by her then year-old brother is mature, assured and yet ethereal in this re-recorded version.

It's almost unnerving as extra, layered voices come at you from all directions. Then, as the track progresses and vocal stylings surround you, a percussion loop joins in on your right side, almost within touching distance — but always just beyond reach as it, too, starts to circle. A controversial one, this — you may hate it. The opening synth snakes between our ears in this remix, grazing our cerebellum en route. The rhythm guitar is more impactful on our left and the mix right before the chorus is altogether The thing is, that's just one of the beauties of spatial audio: extra pieces of information present themselves. Perhaps not all of them will be welcome, but it's an eye-opener to learn that they were even there in the first place. Along with copious amounts of LSD. This London hip-hop track in immersive spatial audio is tough to top, in all honesty.

The intro alone drops you several storeys down into the thumping heart of a brooding Brixton-meets-Croydon scene — and into the domain of two leviathans of UK music. Step inside their world: key samples, beat loops, treatments and most of all, their considered annunciation. It's important. Want to pretend you're Ben Gernon, conducting the London Philharmonic at Abbey Road Studios? Here you go. Turn your head to the left and direct the strings. Then, face forward for the omnipresent horns. Flutes and oboes are in front of them, closest to you, and off to the right you need the double basses to hold everything in check. And cutting through this intense wall of sound there's a triangle — don't forget that or the whole thing will be ruined.

Spatial audio gets it so very right here.

You can't avoid it: Dolby Atmos sound is seemingly everywhere, from soundbars to phones and soon, you may even find it in your car. But if you have AV equipment that supports Dolby's immersive audio technology, what should you be watching to ensure you're getting the most out of your system? You probably already know that Dolby Atmos expands upon a traditional surround set-up by adding channels to bring sound from overhead. But Atmos is about more than just shoving some speakers in your ceiling and waiting for a chunky aeroplane sound effect. The technology is used by filmmakers in the mixing stage to place sounds and voices at exact points in the soundfield rather than more broadly assign them to discrete channels.

So, in addition to the traditional combination of up to 9. As well as adding thrilling movement to action sequences, Dolby Atmos can subtly enhance perspective and immersion in both effects and music. In the hands of a great sound designer, it is a tool that provides the flexibility to build sonic landscapes that can transport, terrify and move you. We have selected some of our favourite film scenes that show the flexibility of Dolby Atmos and let your system, whether a soundbar or full AV amp and speaker system , hit the greatest heights. One note: because some of the best Dolby Atmos scenes appear quite late in their respective films, there may be some minor spoilers below. Dolby Atmos is also frequently used to create breathing room within the dense soundscape, allowing the heavy, liturgical score often pulled off the screen to the sides , rich tapestry of effects and hushed voices to co-exist without competing.

Nowhere is this better demonstrated than in the car chase as Batman is pursuing the Penguin. The Batmobile rips through the middle of the soundfield while passing trucks, falling crates and sheeting rain bombard the viewer. But, the narrative of the sequence remains thrillingly clear, even with the persistently building music, guttural gunshots and spectacular sub-bass. As the camera switches from the car interior to the bumper to mid-air vehicle flip, it feels as though the potential of every possible plane is being wrung out of the speakers to exhilarating effect. Stream The Batman in Dolby Atmos on Apple TV opens in new tab. Buy The Batman in 4K in 4K Ultra HD at Amazon opens in new tab. An intense psychological period drama with a slow-burn plot, The Power Of The Dog is set primarily on a remote ranch in rural Montana. the film has a particularly stark and minimalist sound design to reflect the isolating impact of the landscape while Dolby Atmos is used throughout to subtly heighten the emotional stakes in this stifling setting.

The macro of the wide vistas and the micro of the strained familial relationships are represented throughout the film in a soundtrack that frequently flits with limits of audibility and offers a real dynamic test for your speakers. There's a spectacular palette of winds to enjoy, with close breezes in the grass used to both highlight and play against the expanse of the terrain, while the lack of privacy in the family home is implied by the gusts that rattle throughout its thin walls. The characters in The Power Of The Dog are all in some way repressed and so signature sounds are used almost as leitmotifs to represent their emotions.

The film opens with hyper-macho bully Phil striding across the ranch, and the sound of his weighty boots and ringing spurs indicate his strength and domineering presence. The boots become an unconscious device to help convey to the audience his ability to torment others. In a wordless two-minute scene in which Rose is practising the piano so she might later impress her new husband's dinner guests, Phil begins playing along on his banjo, deliberately trying to put her off. It's an incredibly intense scene to watch even in stereo, but with a Dolby Atmos system we are given Rose's perspective so we not only see how cruel Phil can be, but we feel it too.

Atmos is used to locate Rose downstairs and the banjo in the rear corner of the roof. Stream The Power Of The Dog in Dolby Atmos on Netflix opens in new tab. Mirroring the bleakness of the landscape, every sound is given acres of space, building intensity without overloading the viewer with layers of sound. In the spectacular chase through Matera that follows, there are plenty of wonderful details to be found, particularly if you get the opportunity to listen on a Dolby Atmos system. After swinging off a bridge and flying into the air on a motorbike, it's a moment towards the end of this scene that we think yields the greatest sonic dividends.

As the shots are fired, each concise crack and crunch varies, keeping the relentless onslaught dramatically interesting until the sound of crystals fragmenting hints to the audience that the car, like Bond, is not infallible. Rent or buy No Time to Die in Dolby Atmos from Apple opens in new tab. Buy No Time To Die 4K Ultra HD from Amazon opens in new tab. The Troubles sit on the periphery of the narrative and, consequently, the sound design. The sound team aren't always literal with their soundscape, instead giving the audience subtle hints that what we are hearing is being interpreted through a child's ears.

Voices of authority figures are pitched down to appear scarier, and unrealistic sound effects that Buddy would have only heard in films are sometimes used, such as the Western-style American freight train in the opening scene. As Belfast doesn't have a traditional score, it opens up space for the filmmakers to be freer with featured sound effects and dialogue, weaving them together to form a rich, hyper-real tapestry that bubbles around Buddy. There's always a sense of something going on just out of shot that filters into Buddy's consciousness through his ears. Voices are frequently moving off centre while helicopters pepper the skies overhead, creating a soundscape that matches the story in being both epic and narrow.

The general absence of music means that when it is used, it has all the impact of a massive great needle drop, providing many of the film's most joyful moments. The film starts in spectacular sonic style, particularly if you get the opportunity to listen on a Dolby Atmos system, with a hectic summer afternoon of neighbours and children buzzing around the street. This scene will really highlight how well integrated your system is, with complex moving dialogue, every syllable of which should be audible. As Buddy heads home he clocks a sound that seems familiar — a train. We soon realise something is amiss as the camera tracks around a bewildered Buddy and the noise of the train gradually evolves into something else. The swirling, slow-motion noises of the rioters start to meld with an expansive undulating low tone, fading down into Buddy's breath before anarchic violence bursts out from all sides, raining rocks overhead.

Seamlessly the bin lid Buddy has just been playing with as a pretend knight becomes a real-life shield, used by his mother to protect him from his neighbours. The composed mixing of this scene, and indeed the entire film, keeps the chaos cohesive, helping the audience access both the narrative and Buddy's confusion without explicit explanation. Stream Belfast in Dolby Atmos on Apple TV opens in new tab. Buy Belfast on Blu-ray at Amazon opens in new tab. Dune is that most rare of films — a subversive post-apocalyptic blockbuster entrenched in reality. To help ground its eccentric plot and surreal visuals, the sound design is used to construct a believable world full of desert landscapes and giant sandworms that the audience immediately feels a part of and protective toward. Of the custom sound effects created for the film, only four were totally synthesised. This means that rather than being faced with cold futurism found so often in sci-fi, Dune has a tactile familiarity. The sound team have built the kingdom of Arrakis as a carefully sculpted sonic world, deeply rooted in authenticity, that delicately engulfs the audience creating a sense of intimacy as much as it does scale.

In the scene about an hour into the film where we first encounter a giant sandworm, Paul and his father take a flight in an Ornithopter a dragonfly-like aircraft to inspect the spice harvest. The sound team manipulated organic insect and feline sounds to achieve the sound of a purring 'plane' flying high above the desert. As things start to go awry with the worm's arrival, Dolby Atmos is used expertly to create the stunning sensation of the craft dive-bombing deep into the sand storm. What follows is an incredible, all-encompassing sonic cocktail of moaning desert winds, tinkling granular dust, colossal monsters and glitching ethereal voices that flow in succession across a dynamic range that stuns. Dune can be streamed in Dolby Atmos at home from HBO Max. Dolby Atmos is not supported by the HBO Max app on Amazon Fire TV , Android TV, Samsung TVs , VIZIO 4K Smart TVs , Xbox consoles and Xfinity devices.

Stream Dune in Dolby Atmos on HBO Max opens in new tab and Apple TV opens in new tab. Buy Dune in 4K UHD and Blu-ray on Amazon opens in new tab. How to watch Dune in Dolby Atmos on HBO Max from anywhere. Unfortunately, the Mitchells have enough of their own problems, as tensions between aspiring film student Katie and her technophobe dad Rick have reached breaking point and his hapless attempts at rebuilding a relationship with his daughter only serve to alienate her further. The film's animation mixes 2D and 3D watercolour styles with overlays indicating Katie's own "director's" point of view, which, when combined with the punky Dolby Atmos soundtrack, creates a captivating adventure caper full of dramatic flair and just the right amount of heartfelt sincerity as well as big-tech satire.

In the 'Mall of the Globe' battle sequence, where consumer electrical products have turned violent, there's a wealth of unusual and zany height elements that can only really be done justice by a Dolby Atmos system. From a soda can missile that whips overhead crackling with lethal transients to whizzing drones, to a raining army of kamikaze Furbies, the sound design is incredible, maintaining coherence amongst the chaos and perfectly preserving the sparkling script's insightful humour. There's also a wonderful dynamic range at play; the gradual crescendo from the first lone killer Furby's laugh quietly reverberating up above to the supersized Godzilla Furby's climactic entrance is an exemplary display of building excitement and anticipation through sound. This offering from Sony Pictures, which missed out on its full theatrical release, went straight to Netflix, where it truly warrants a viewing in Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

Watch The Mitchells vs. the Machines in Dolby Atmos on Netflix opens in new tab. Buy The Mitchells vs the Machines on Blu-ray at Amazon opens in new tab. This is a brutal, gory affair with superbly choreographed fight scenes that have an unusually bruising realism to them, not to mention a healthy dose of very dark humour. A well-sorted Dolby Atmos system will send bullets and shrapnel flying across your room and the regular explosions should set your sofa shaking. Nobody is currently available as a premium rental through various streaming services, but iTunes aka the Apple TV app appears to be the only one carrying it in Dolby Atmos and Vision, for that matter. Buy Nobody on 4K Blu-ray at Amazon opens in new tab. While its take on time travel is almost hilariously simplistic and naive, The Tomorrow War is a hugely enjoyable sci-fi action flick with a superb Dolby Atmos soundtrack as well as an excellent 4K HDR picture.

The unusual premise sees soldiers from the future travel back to in order recruit and train troops who are then sent forward to to fight in an extinction-level war against invading aliens. As the civvies-turned-soldiers line up in a hangar, the portal to the future fills the ceiling above and fills the space above your head with roaring audio — assuming your system is doing its job correctly. Watch The Tomorrow War on Amazon Prime Video opens in new tab. Set 30 years after the events of its predecessor, Blade Runner is not so much a sequel but an extension of the original's universe, only this time with more plot. In this scene, as K and Joi fly out of Los Angeles towards the orphanage, the soundscape transitions from loud — the waves crashing against the flood barrier — to eerily quiet as the rain hits the windshield wipers, with occasional bits of clearly projected dialogue.

While the storm batters the car, low, distant rumbles of thunder become a more constant barrage from the sky. The bullets fired from below streak across the room, and the music builds again, with more menace this time. Suddenly, a spark of lightning plunges everything into near silence as all power is lost, and all that is left is the sound of the rain. These sonic contrasts make for a serious challenge — every dynamic shift needs to be handled confidently so that every dramatic point is delivered. Reinforcing those loud effects is the Hans Zimmer-composed, Vangelis-like soundtrack with its sonorous, undulating bass. As with the first Blade Runner film, notably embeds sound into the score, blurring the lines between effects and music to create a unified sonic landscape full of tonality, motion and texture.

Throughout the tense 90 minutes of Gravity , which sees Sandra Bullock hurtling through the vacuum of space with only the memory of George Clooney for company, the Oscar-winning Dolby Atmos mix available only on the limited edition Diamond Luxe Blu-ray or the special edition HD Blu-ray helps the viewer find focus within the confusing geography of nothingness while also heightening the sensation of disorientation. In a film where becoming untethered is a constant threat, the sound team decided to set the dialogue free from the centre of the screen and allowed it to track with the actors. With little ambience to play with, the surrounds are used effectively to show changes of space within… well, space. While Bullock starts drifting, the camera zooms right inside her helmet, and sonically we join that space for the first time — the air, breath and hint of tinnitus subtly cloaking us. More dynamic is the fire scene later in the film that burns overhead until the airlock is shut, damping everything down before more deep thuds from above.

Finding a disc version of Gravity with the Dolby Atmos soundtrack isn't as easy as you might think. There's the rare and expensive Diamond Luxe Edition and the more affordable Special Edition, which sadly is only in p. A 4K Blu-ray re-release is said to be forthcoming, and you've got to hope that will include the film's ground-breaking Atmos soundtrack. From the same director and sound mixer as Gravity , Roma proves, in our opinion, that Dolby Atmos has even greater immersive potential in intimate films than in blockbusters, where it has the capacity to blur the line between realism and reality. The film's emotional climax comes as maid Cleodegaria Gutiérrez wades into the sea to save her employer's children, despite not knowing how to swim.

The 10 best Dolby Atmos soundtracks,The Batman (2022) - The Batmobile Chase

Riders on the storm - Love the thunderstorm from top channels. They could've made the rain from top channel as well, I don't know why it was put on lower channel. Still good mix. Sunflower - Arcade Fire. Now in Dolby Atmos. Experience the harmonies of Arcade Fire like never before. With Dolby Atmos, the Grammy Award-winning band's unmistakeable sound reaches new Sort by: best. level 1. · 10 mo. ago. Boom by Tiesto is Atmos on steroids. level 2. · 10 mo. ago. Lmao, I played this side by side on my iPhone and iPad with without Atmos through the "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye Feel the full impact of this timeless classic in a whole new way. "Makeba" by JAIN See how the Dolby Atmos mix of JAIN's upbeat hit works within the 22/07/ · The Tomorrow War () – Time-jumping to While its take on time travel is almost hilariously simplistic and naive, The Tomorrow War is a hugely enjoyable sci-fi action Best of Dolby Atmos. I Like You (A Happier Song) [feat. Doja Cat] Post Malone feat. Doja Cat. Honest [feat. Don Toliver] Justin Bieber feat. Don Toliver ... read more

I bought a new one and yes it was my older BR player's fault, I watched "ready player one" last night and it was in glorious Atmos loll. We first hear a growing high pitched ring that morphs into a sustained string note that shifts seamlessly into the breaking sound of a car. Set 30 years after the events of its predecessor, Blade Runner is not so much a sequel but an extension of the original's universe, only this time with more plot. Every Great Motown Hit Of Marvin Gaye. In a film where becoming untethered is a constant threat, the sound team decided to set the dialogue free from the centre of the screen and allowed it to track with the actors.

Coi Leray. Nayfne said:. In the scene in which Emily Blunt's character attempts to give birth in total silence, she seeks safety in the basement, best dolby atmos songs. I also like to point out how smoothly his voice transitions around the room—that is, if the system has been properly setup and calibrated. lukather Well-known Member. Becky has been a full-time staff writer at What Hi-Fi?